Information for the Public in India and Abroad:

Are you consuming untreated groundwater with more fluoride ?

Is your water contaminated with fluoride?

Fluoride ingestion is hazardous to health.

Besides drinking water, fluoride can enter the body through food, dental products, drugs and industrial emission.


Who wish to avail of the

  • (1) Diagnostic Facility for Fluorosis
  • (2) Counseling for prevention and control of Fluorosis
May Contact:
Tel: +91(11)2273 1886
Tel/Fax: +91(11)2272 5156
The only facility presently available in India

Professor (Dr) A.K. Susheela, the Executive Director of India’s Fluorosis Research and Rural Development Foundation, located in Delhi, is an outstanding Academician with a distinguished Professional career.

Executive Director

- Professor (Dr) A.K. Susheela