Human Resource Development

  • The Foundation is perhaps one of the very few Organizations in India providing a package for Fluorosis mitigation.
  • "Human Resource Development" to deal with the problem of fluoride toxicity and Fluorosis which are high priority activities of the organization.

Training of

1. Doctors:

The Organization trains

  1. Medical Officers posted in health delivery outlets;
  2. Private Practitioners;
  3. District Hospital Doctors (Specialists and others)
  4. Faculty of Medical Colleges on all aspects of Fluorosis and the interventions to practice

2. Public Health Engineers / Water Supply Engineers

The Organization also trains Public Health / Environmental and Chemical Engineers besides Water Analysts, who are responsible for provision of safe drinking water to the community.

3. Health Workers & the community leaders

The Organization also trains Health Workers, School Teachers and the community leaders to deal with the health and water problems in the village.

The Organization has developed a well structured curricula for training programmes and workshops for different target groups. The best experts in the country are on the Faculty for dissemination of information on all aspects of Fluoride and Fluorosis.

Other Activities

  • Conducting research in areas where there is lacuna in knowledge
  • Involved in assisting State Governments in proper planning and implementation of programme in endemic areas for Fluorosis.
  • The Foundation is called upon for Consultation at the various National and Global Scientific meetings dealing with environmental issues, drinking water and related health problems, Fluorosis management for policy planning as well as for developing appropriate strategies.