" for programmes on Infants and children "

  • Donations for “Reducing mortality and disabilities of infants and children”:
  • Pictures of disabled children living in high fluoride endemic areas in India are seen below
  • It is possible to withdraw fluoride entry to the body through food & water of the pregnant mothers, infants and children.
  • It is necessary that children are provided a diet with adequate calcium, iron, vitamin C, E and other antioxidants through (1)dairy products, fruits and (3) vegetables.
  • Upon withdrawal of fluoride and promotion of better diet the pregnant mothers deliver healthy babies. Besides, those born with low hemoglobin, IQ and disabilities are rectified to a significant extent by withdrawal of fluoride and promoting a balanced diet. Many children are able to perform better even in schools.
  • Our focus is to deal with reducing mortality and disabilities in infants and children.
  • Donations, however small the amount may be would be appreciated.

Those who wish to Donate, may kindly contact (Email: frnrdf.aks@gmail.com) or
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  • Some of our donors from overseas are :
    • Karin & Jurgen Klein,
      JK Investment Trust, Haleiwa, USA
    • Debra Rhyon
      Blue Mount Investments, Melbourne, Australia
    • A citizen of Singapore (name withheld)
      Wish to be anonymous