Model Project : Faridabad (1987 - 89)

  • The survey conducted in 4 villages of Fnridabud district viz. Itharmkpur, Kamcni, Samaypur, Sikrona revealed:
  • Safe and unsafe sources of drinking water coexists and safe source* are used for human consumption. The prevalence of Non-skeletal, Dental and Skeletal Fluorosis in children, men and women to a large extend can be correlated with fluoride in drinking water and the extent of contamination
Table 1 and Table 2 reveals the observation made from the above survey.
All figures are in %
Children: below 15 years- In a village with ‘X’ population, the diaeaae prevalence could be a maximum of 3 times more as one may have all 3 types of Fluorosis.

* Source of Information: Susheela et al., Fluoride, Vol 26:97 -104, 1993.