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Publication in Journals
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List of Books
  1. Handbook on Planning and Implementation of Water Supply Programme in Fluorosis Endemic Areas in India, 2009". A Multi-Author Contribution. Editor. AK Susheela Published by Fluorosis Research & Rural Development Foundation, Delhi - 92
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  6. State ofArt Report on extend of fluoride in drinkinq water and resuCnqendemicifv in frxfe. 1999. By A.K. Susheela. Pubished by UNICEF, Delhi
Chapters in Books
  1. Adverse health effects of fluoride in drinking water with special reference to children and remedial measures. In water quaity management By A.K.Susheela, South Asia perspective: Vision 2005. Published by International Life Science Institute, 2002
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M.D. Thesis of AIIMS
  1. Effect of fluoride contamination in drinking water on human spermatozoa: Light and electron microscopic study. By C.C. Soundaram, A.K. Susheela, M. Bhatnagar, D. Takkar, K.K. Roy and A. Kriplani. 1998
Endowment Lectures:
  1. V.Raman Endowment Lecture by A.K. Susheela in the 38th Annual Convention of Indian Water Works Association (IWWA), Jaipur; January 2006.
  1. Scientific evidence on adverse effects of fluoride on human tissues due to (1) Fluoride contaminated water (2) Fluoridated dental products and (3) Fluoride therapy: A document (compilation of the most significant scientific data from researches carried out in India in recent years) presented to the British Parliament MPs and Lords of the House of Commons and Minister of Health and her Advisors, October, 1998. By A.K. Susheela
In Conference Proceedings
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Reports & Interviews given bv Prof. A.K. Susheela to the Media:
  1. Fluorosis. By Adrain Page. In "Asian Geographic" Magazine, No.73 Issue 4/2010 page 112-117. Pdf available (click here)